Web Design

Designing is our passion! We use the latest in design and HTML techniques to deliver to our clients a website they can be proud of!


The No Fuss Approach To Web Design

Fox Media Vision have proudly been developing and designing websites for our clients for years. Understanding that website design is not something you can just throw together over night and expect it to work, is what makes us different.

Each client is unique to us and each client has their own individual needs and requirements that we will meet. We admire the diligence and commitment our clients have for their business, so we show the same attitude towards taking care of their web design requirements and online exposure.

Telling someone that we are good at something is different to showing them that we are. Web design and development is what we do! We have the resources, time, expertise and dedication to make it happen. Our clients know that and for this reason our client retention rate is over 90%. We work for our clients and our designs reflect that. Don’t settle for a website that looks OK. Settle for a website that works. Every time!


CMS Website Designs

Content Management Systems (CMS) are becoming more popular nowadays. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using them and updating your site can become much easier. Especially for those that are not too “Tech Savvy”! We build incredible websites on WordPress and Drupal. Our clients find it extremely useful to be able to update content on their own. This is the benefit of using a CMS as a platform on which to build a website.

With that said, it is still advisable to use a web professional to develop the website. There are functions and code changes that need to happen in order to customize the site to suit the individual needs of the company or business for which it is being developed. A few wrong tweaks and the site will not function correctly.


Ecommerce Website Designs

Selling products online are becoming a more and more sought after solution for doing business. The opporunities are endless for what you can do and sell, not to mention the overheads you will save by building your own online shop. There are so many different competing websites on the market, how does your website stand out from the rest?

It stands out with eye catching designs, Call To Action (CTA) placements, correct functionality and coding structure and flawless integrations. Fox Media Solutions offer clients Ecommerce website designs that will deliver on their expectations. We have years of experience in developing online shop fronts for various businesses and companies.

Our designs are all responsive to any device, so your clients can shop on the go. We ensure that you never miss an opportunity to sell a product when the client wants it most. Now!


Looking for a website that converts visitors into buyers?

Then speak to one of our friendly sales staff today and let us design you one!