Digital Marketing

An environment that requires precision targeting and expert knowledge of the industry. Through integrated and optimized channels, digital marketing is a powerful tool for maximizing ROI and increasing profits!

We all know the power and necessity of Search Engine rankings. To benefit from this organic traffic, it is vital your website is fully optimized from the start. Cheating this step will be detrimental to not only your rankings, but your overall website conversion rates.

Organic search traffic is the most important resource in the world of digital marketing for gaining targeted traffic and visitors to your site.

Social Media is crucial to your success, don’t get us wrong, but they did come long after Search Engines. Search engine traffic is far more cost effective for gaining different visitor demographics and interests. However, a poorly designed and constructed SEO campaign will do more harm than good.

We at Fox Media Vision understand this part. With our years of industry experience, we can tailor custom campaigns designed for each of our clients and their requirements.

Any campaign that you choose to run, such as PPC, banner or display advertising and Social Media advertising, require setting up. Not just a quick setup, but a thoroughly researched and planned approach. This is important for maximum return on investment.

We help our clients with their email marketing campaigns. Many businesses out there forget that email marketing is still very much a powerful marketing strategy. But throwing an email together and sending it out with no thought whatsoever, will yield no results.

FoxMediaVision utilize a host of resources and powerful marketing software’s to track, monitor, analyse and send precision crafted emails to targeted buyers.

Don’t fall prey to the idea that because you have an email in your list that it will convert automatically. In order to have an effective email marketing campaign, you first need to identify who on your list are buyers and who are “freebie seekers”.

Digital Marketing Services Our Clients Benefit From

Marketing Automation

We automate your marketing workflows so we can focus more on converting customers

Social Media Marketing

An effective Social Media presence is vital to the success of a company. We help our clients achieve this

Email Marketing

Still one of the most effective marketing strategies. We help our clients set up their campaigns

Analytics & Reporting

Part of our strategies is analyzing the data generated from the marketing campaigns

Lead Generation

Identifying potential sources for acquiring targeted leads that are ready to buy

Monitoring Engagements

See how your brand is being spoken about on the most popular Social Media platforms

Search Engine Optimization

We know the importance of high Search Engine rankings. So we help our clients get there

Campaign Tracking

Through our indepth analysis strategies, we continuous monitor and track campaign conversions

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Bringing together a complete and precision targeted digital marketing campaign, can yield results that surpasses any other strategies!


Often our clients come to us with campaigns they have been running, but with little effect. When we break it down and start to filter through the data, we see that no analysis has been done on it. Without analysing and reporting on the data your campaigns generate, you will never be able to determine your success rate.

When it comes to digital marketing and the variety of software options out there, you will always be able to track and report on everything you do. This is vital to effective return on investments and increases in profits.

Our approach to our clients and their digital marketing campaign requirements, is a thorough discussion on their expectations of success. Once we have established this, we are able to formulate a marketing strategy that is in line with their requirements.

We provide our clients with real time analytics reporting on their campaigns via the various reporting software’s and dashboards we utilize.
Using marketing automation to send out information based on specific customer profile data streamlines your marketing campaigns.

In the digital marketing environment, there are a number of lead identification platforms and technologies. By using these types of technologies, businesses are abel to see exactly who is on their site, where they have visited and which pages they navigate around.

With this information, you can customize your marketing campaigns to target specific individuals or groups of interests independently. Not to mention the added benefit your sales team will have with the lead nurturing processes.

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