CRM And Business Automation

Using a Customer Relationship Management System not only automates your daily workflows, but also increases your ROI!

We understand that our clients are busy and that setting up and implementing a CRM system is time consuming. Our team of CRM experts take the lead when it comes to the creation, implementation and integration of a CRM system into your website. Using seamless integration and coding techniques, we streamline the entire process from start to finish. Our clients never have to worry about automating their workflows again!

When it comes to the world of online success and digital marketing, it is important to streamline and automate daily work tasks. Not only does this free up resources, but also cash flow. Once you have automated your workflows, it is set and forget. They will run on autopilot in the background until such time as you review them or amend them.

Automation = Profits!....Profits = ROI!

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Our team of professionals use APIs to integrate your CRMs or marketing stacks. With these in place you can quickly see at a glance how your campaigns are performing. This is essential in closing deals when customers or clients are ready to close. Your website is your online presence, but the real magic happens on automation!

A CRM system brings combines all the power required to build solid customer relationships, track business associates, effective B2B or B2C communcations, marketing of products or services and lead generation and conversion.


Benefits of using a CRM System to maximize profits and increase revenue

Lead Generation

Generate leads straight from your website with seamless integrations to your CRM.


Automation is key to freeing up valubale time to focus on your busines

Financial System

Manage all your business finances under one roof with complete automation

Sales Funnel

Manage your sales funnel and track deals, proposals and opportunities

Task Management

Create, monitor and close out tasks related to projects all from within your system


Collaborate with your sales team, assign tasks and roles and close out deals

Customer Satisfaction

Engage with your clients and customers and keep on top of their requirements


Use your CRM system to spot targeted visitors and opportunities as they arise

Demographic Targeting

Target clients and customers based on their geographic location and interests

Robust Analytical Data

View and filter advanced analytical data that represents exactly what is going on within your CRM and organization. Filter your data down to even geographic locations or territorial areas.

Lead Generation

Onc your CRM is integrated into your website, you can track and monitor your leads. From referral, acquisition and closing. Everything can be done from your pc, remotely or on any digital device

Campaign Monitoring

Monitor and track your campaigns from anywhere in the world. The power of a CRM system is that you can access, edit or view any of your marketing campaigns, ensuring you are always on track.

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