Who Is Fox Media Vision

Would saying “The Best Web Design Company” be a little clich√©? Absolutely! It is not a question of who we are, but rather the solutions that we offer our clients!

Why Do Our Clients Trust Us?


s a company, we are inviting, encouraging and enthusiastic. Our approach to our work is one of a friendly and relaxing environment. We take the time to understand completely what it is that our clients want. The needs and requirements of our clients are what we work for. For this reason we work with them, right from the start, guiding them along the right path to success. Building relationships between our clients and team of expert designers is what matters to us most.

We operate with complete transparency with our clients. Everything we do regarding their website design, crm integrations or digital marketing campaigns, we inform our clients. Regular updates are provided to our clients, so they can see the progress that is being made on their projects. Trust is earned and for this reason we work for no other reason than to satisfy our clients. Our work and designs truly represent the vision our clients have for their business and the effect they want to have.


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Solutions We Offer Our Clients

Content Strategy & Consulting

Careful planning and strategy is vital to the success of your website. Throwing a website together in a hurry will do you absolutely no favours. But with the right plan, strategy and techniques, the possibilities are endless. The websites we implement for our clients are based on proper planning, design and real world requirements. Client and customer centred approaches are what will drive more targeted traffic and increase conversions. If you are looking for someone to offer professional advice and consulting for your content marketing strategies, then hit us up!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Far too often we see clients trying to manage their leads and clients with more spreadsheets and documents than one can ever possibly imagine handling. Why not bring it all under one roof and control it from anywhere in the world. That’s right! By implementing a CRM system into your business you will free up time, money and resources. Automation nowadays is key to focusing on your business and leaving the rest to a properly integrated system. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise in CRMs and the many we have implemented for our existing clients.

Amazing Website Designs

With our client centered approach to our work, our designs are bespoke and truly represent what our clients business stands for. Our design strategy is to discuss with our clients exactly what they want their website to look like. Once we have established this, we work on what the clients wants from their website from a functionality perspective. This is where it starts getting real fun! Everything starts getting put together and the magic starts to happen. Are you looking for an incredible website that you can truly be proud of? Then let us start designing and implementing you one today!

Search Engine Optimization

Exposure is what your website needs online. But the wrong exposure won’t bring in the profits. We have been working Search Engine Optimization campaigns for years and have developed strong strategies and techniques for maximum effect. We don’t “Work With Google” like other agencies might claim. Nobody works with Google! But we do follow the guidelines that they set out. There are many factors that make up an SEO campaign, but the important part is understanding it is a process and a process that takes time and resources. We understand our clients don’t have this in the arsenal, but we do. It is after all what we do for our clients. Bring them more targeted leads and increase conversions!

Our Skills

WordPress / 100%
CRM Automation / 100%
Web Design & Development / 100%
Digital Marketing / 100%


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